About the Author
Ron Heller was born in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, raised in Detroit Michigan, schooled at St. Theresa High, Michigan State University and UCLA. He was married to Laura G. Heller for over 50 years. Ron is the father of three children; Ron Heller II, Lori Marie Fisher and Robin Lyn Rowe. After a career in advertising, radio and TV broadcasting and talk shows, Ron recognized in 1990 at 55 years of age, that he needed to exercise his mind as well as his body in his senior years. He began a regimen of daily mental gymnastics in 1990 which continue to today. Instead of going back to college for his Doctorate (research for which he discontinued in the mid 1960’s) Ron sought new challenges in the sciences. He began a planned program of self instruction in the rudiments of science of which he had no formal training. After reading book after book in biology, physics, particle physics, cosmology and neurology, Ron centered his focus on the workings of the brain. Ron’s thinking after thousands of hours of study delivered the contention that with knowing more about the brain, the other scientific disciplines become increasingly fascinating. This Bio is intended to deliver to the reader the importance of active aging and the recognition that despite a lifetime of work in completely opposite fields, you can find happiness in new and exciting endeavors in your senior years.

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